Vipbus Rental Tilburg

Organise a business trip for the board of directors or a transfer from the airport to different locations in the Netherlands? Vipbus Rental Tilburg offers you different executive vehicles from the highest segment.

Vipbus Rental Tilburg, our business fleet:

  • Executive cars (BMW, Tesla, Mercedes, Audi)
  • Mini vipbusses up to 8 persons
  • Midi vipbusses up to 16 persons
  • The Experience VIP Lounge (35 persons capacity)
  • The Reference VIP Lounge (50 persons capacity)
  • The Executive Mobile Conference Room (coming end of 2019)
  • and different other models

To insure you of the most executive way to travel, vipbus Rental Tilburg works together with multiple companies. Because of this collaboration we can offer you business vehicles for a good price and a national coverage. 

The different vehicles are special and stand out from the crowd because of the features that are built in. have chosen for the several options because we want to offer more than just a regular vip coach. What can you aspect when you rent a vipbus with our company:

Features of Vipbus Rental Tilburg:

  • Wifi on board
  • Possibility for catering
  • Product & company presentations
  • Brand awareness
  • Company trips
  • Leather seats (total round seating)
  • Digital climat control
  • Adjustable LED Lighting
  • Multimedia device
  • Connection for multimedia appliances
  • and many more

Constantly, vipbus Rental Tilburg is looking for features to meet up the demand. It is important that we stay ahead of the competition. Especially in The Netherlands there are a lot of company that rent vip travel.

As you can see everything is possible to organise a company trip to your destination or accommodation. During the trip you can use the different characteristics for your own purpose. A meeting during the trip or present a new product. We try to meet up your demands.

When you want to receive an enquiry? Just fill in the form and we will send you an answer as soon as possible. We will make the best price for your trip. Take a look at our website and be surprised of the possibilities.

Responsible for organising business travel for your upcoming event? Or in charge for taking care of the transfer from the airport to the hotel. You have searched on the Internet, but you didn't find the bus that you wanted. Stop searching! Rent a vip coach Tilburg is the way to transfer your staff to their destination:

Rent a vip coach Tilburg, our fleet:

A grasp of the possibilities that we rent. Rent a vip coach Tilburg is working together with several companies to provide you executive travel with the highest service level. We work together with several companies which are specialised in vipbus rental. Constantly we are searching for various companies to strengthen the fleet with executive vehicles to offer towards the customer.

What makes the vehicles of rent a vip coach Tilburg special? The various buses are provided with several features to meet the wishes of the target group. The different features make it possible to realize different kind of events. The following features have been built in:

Rent a vip coach Tilburg, the characteristics:

With the diversity of features it is possible to realise different kind of events. A meeting, Presentation, brand awareness or as exhibition stand. Everything is possible:

Are you interested in the services of rent a vip coach Tilburg? To receive information, just fill in the quotation form on our website. Our customer service will calculate your details or send an answer within a few days.

Business travel for the highest segment! Organizing business trips for different goals. Everything is possible with our fleet. Vip coach rental Tilburg provides you special vehicles that are custom made for the business sector. Throughout the years the different vehicles have been deployed for a huge range of events. A small selection of the different purposes:

Vip coach Rental Tilburg, the events:

A small selection of the different events. Vip coach rental Tilburg is executing the trips with a wide range of vehicles. In our files from our network you can hire the only VIP bus for 50 persons in the Netherlands or one of our many executive cars like BMW, Tesla, Mercedes and many more. The different possibilities have various properties on board. 

The various characteristics have been achieved through thorough market research. Our design department made a choice from the various results and incorporated it into the manufacture of the bus. When you rent a car from vip coach rental Tilburg, you can expect:

Vip coach rental Tilburg, the features:

  • Leather seats of high quality
  • Catering facilities
  • Multiple video screens
  • Wireless Internet Access Point
  • Several Microphones
  • Multifunctional Media computer
  • Dark Blue color setting
  • Representative driver
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Digital climat control
  • and many more

Because of the variety of option it is possible to use the vip bus for various of business trips. No where else you will find simular vehicles. If you have other demands? You can indicates this on the contact form.

If you want to know more about vip coach rental Tilburg. On our requiry form you can leave your details behind. On the basis of your details we can calculate the best possible price. Take a look our possibilities and what we can offer you.

Tilburg is growing! With the arrival of large distribution centers and expansion of current business parcs is Tilburg an upcoming city. Rent a vipbus Tilburg sees the possibilties to expand the rental of executive vehicles in this large city. We are sure that we can offer you the transportation that you need.

Rent a vipbus Tilburg, the travel solution:

When you want to organise a company trip to or from Tilburg, we can provide your with the most complete vehicles that you can find on the Internet. And with our national coverage, we can insure you that our prices are interesting. Through a collaboration with multiple companies we are the right way to travel.

What makes the different vehicles so special? When designing the different busses, our marketing department investigated our target group. The different results are built in the vip coaches so we can meet the demands. With the different features it's possible to use the buses for a diversity of events:

Rent a vipbus Tilburg, the events:

As you can see, everything is possible. There is no challenge that we can't realise. If you want to know more about the different events and how realised it? Just send us an e-mail. Rent a vipbus Tilburg is the perfect partner to organise your company trips.

Receiving the price of hiring the VIP coach? Just fill in the requiry form. It will take a few minutes. With your details we can calculate the right price for the rigt vehicle.

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