Are you organising a trip to or from Amsterdam with your company or are you in charge for the transportation during an event? Maybe can help you. We specialise in vipbus rental Amsterdam. Not only for company trips and boardmeetings, but also as airport transfer.

For several years we provide transportation for different companies that are located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and many more. We see that we receive a lot of requiries from all kind of branches. Below you will find a summary of different possibilities what our services are used for.

Vipbus Rental  Amsterdam, what's possible

All of this is possible inside of the buss. Vipbus rental Amsterdam realise the different events by using the characteristics of the vipbus. When designing and building the special busses, we asked different target groups what they wanted to see and use during the trip. After analysing the different answers we have decided to provide the bus for the following characteristics:

Executive VIPbus AmsterdamBusiness travel Amsterdam

Vipbus Rental Amsterdam, the company on wheels

  • Total round seating with leather seetings
  • Adjustable LED Lighting
  • Possibilities for catering
  • Climat Contral
  • Privacy glazing
  • Dark Blue color setting
  • Multiple Video screens
  • Microphones
  • and many more

As you can see vipbus rental Amsterdam provides travelling on a high business level. For a business trip is travelling with one of our vehicles the best way to make a transfer with your employees. For different groups we can provide transportation. The following vehicles you can rent.

Vipbus Rental Amsterdam, our fleet

  • Multiple Vip coaches for 8 persons
  • Multiple Vip coaches for 16 persons
  • The Experience VIP Lounge (35 persons vipbus)
  • The Reference VIP Lounge (50 persons vipcoach)
  • Different kind of executive cars

Throughout the website you will find images of the different cars and busses that we rent to the business sector. When your customer of company has other wishes or needs, you can mail or call us.

For more information you can fill in our requiry or contact form. Our customer service will try to give you the right answer. Don't hesitate to contact us.

16 persons VIPbus AmsterdamExecutive 16 persons VIPbus


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