VIPbus rental, Your Travel is our Business

Are you planning a business trip for your board of directors? We can offer you the travelling solution for your company. This vipbus Rental from a different level. During the years we have distinguish ourselves from the competiton. have extend his services to the following Dutch Cities:

Vipbus Rental in the big cities of the Netherlands:

These are the most well knowned cities where the important decissions are made. There are a lot of big Dutch and international companies who need transportation with different kind of possibilities. With these properties it is possible to organise your time efficiency.

If you have a look at our fleet you can see that we can offer you something special. These busses are exclusively made for business travel for the upper segment. Our fleet contains the following busses.

Vipbus Rental Business SolutionVip bus Rental, the company on wheels


Vipbus rental, our fleet:

  • The Reference VIP Lounge (50 persons VIP coach)
  • The Experience VIP Lounge (35 persons VIP Coach)
  • 16 persons VIPbus (multiple versions)
  • 8 persons VIPbus (multiple versions)
  • Executive vehicles (Mercedes, Audi, BMW)
  • and many more

What makes our vipbusses special? Not only the exterior, but the different prossibilities that the busses provides. The Characteristics are unique and exclusive. Nowhere you will find simular vehicles. We will give you a summary of a number of properties:

Exclusivity on the road:

  • Total Round seating
  • Mulitmedia devices
  • Wifi on board
  • Leather seets
  • Multiple LCD video screens
  • Microphones of the best quality
  • Meeting possibilities
  • Dark blue color settin
  • Privacy glassing
  • Climat control
  • Catering possibilities 
  • and many more

With these possibilities you can use our service for multiple events throughout the Netherlands. Mostly we are active in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, The Hage and many more. For example, In 2020 the Eurovision Song Festival will be organised in The Netherlands. Maybe a good idea to use on of our busses for a company trip.

Do you have more questions or want to receive information about our service. Just go to our requiry form or just press on the following link. One of our colleagues will answer your request. It is also possible to send us an e-mail with your questions. We al looking forward to do business with your company.

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