Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands where a lot of big companies are located. Think about TMG, Starbucks, Shell, ING, Unilever and many more. The city with a lot of tourism, visitors and off course plenty of business people. That is why vipbus Rental Amsterdam provides business travel on a daily basis. Below you will find a summary of our fleet:

Vip coach Rental Amsterdam, our fleet:

VIP coach rental Amsterdam is a collaboration of several companies that specialise in VIP transportation. Our partners share the same interest and strive for travel from the highest level of satisfaction. Our core business isn't travelling from A to B, but organising your travel time as well as possible. The different features of the buses makes it possible to work on the road. We can offer you:

Vip coach Rental Amsterdam, characteristics

  • Wireless Internet Access Point
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Multiple video screens
  • Presentation possibilities
  • Multifunctional multimedia device
  • Adjustable LED lighting
  • Digital climat control
  • Catering possibilities
  • Branding in & outside
  • Luxury Coffee Machine
  • Total Round seating
  • and many more

A small selection of the features that are built in. Vip coach Rental Amsterdam strives for teh best result and 100% customer satisfaction. Most of our clients are booking one of our vehicles multiple times. We deliver quality and exclusivity for your company.

Are you interested in renting one of our vehicles. To receive more information and prices, just fill in the requiry form. Vip coach rental Amsterdam will send you an answer as soon as possible. Take a look at our website and discover the possibilities.

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