Amsterdam, the largest city of Amsterdam with a huge number of companies in different branches. There are a lot of international companies with their headquarter located in the center or near Amsterdam. Rent a vip coach Amsterdam is specialised in providing business transportation. Rent a vip coacht Amsterdag offers the following vehicles:

Rent a vip coach Amsterdam, our fleet

A small selection of different vehicles with various options. The different vehicles have come together through a collaboration with Dutch rental companies which are located throughout all of the Netherlands. That's the reason why we can offer national coverage and the best possible price for the business travel.

The features of the buses are very different, but they perfectly fit with the wishes of our target group. Our market department did research among different companies, just to know what must be present on the vip coach. During the years we have driven rides for hundreds of companies. Mostly to and from Amsterdam. Transfers from hotels and from Schiphol Amsterdam, everything is possible.

Rent a vip coach Amsterdam, the features

  • Wireless Internet on Board
  • Multifunctional Media device
  • Catering facilities
  • Leather seats in special setup
  • Digital climat control
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Branding in & outside the vip bus
  • Dark blue color setting
  • Representative driver
  • and many more

A small grasp of charcateristics of rent a vip coach Amsterdam. The different features were built in after market research among our target group. It is important to meet the demands, not only for the different customers. But also to stay a few steps before the competition. Constantly we are optimalizing the vip coach with the latest gadgets.

Are you interested in the service of rent a vip coach Amsterdam? If you fill in the requiry form, our staff will answer your questions and calculate the price. We insure you custom made transportation for the best possible price.

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