Vipbus Rental Maastricht

Organising a company trip to or from Maastricht? Searched on the Internet, but you can't find a vehicle that meets your wishes? Vipus Rental Maastricht is the solution for your business trip. We provide in travel for this sector with executive cars in different sizes.

Vipbus Rental Maastricht, our fleet

As you can see vipbus rental Maastricht paves the way with different kind of vipbusses and new vipcoaches. Our fleet belongs to the highest segment for company travel. In the Netherlands and Belgium you won't find a company which you can compare with our services.

The different busses of vipbus rental Maastricht are equipped with a variety of options to make the best possible use of your travel time. It isn't just a trip to the next location, but the upportunities you can use for:

Vipbus Rental Maastricht, employability for:

  • Board meetings on the go
  • Product & company presentations
  • Brand awareness
  • Company trips
  • Promotion activities
  • Airport & Hotel Transfer
  • Branding
  • etc etc

 In 2019 The Netherlands won the Euro Vision Songfestival. In 2020 the Netherlands is the host for one of the biggest international events. There is a race between Ahoy Rotterdam and the MECC in Maastricht. Vipbus Rental Maastricht hopes that the commission will choose for Maastricht. What is better then organise a company trip to this event or invite clients to go to this event in style and on an exclusive way.

Do you want know more about the possibiliities that we can offer. Just go to our requiry form and leave your details. The customer service of vipbus rental Maastricht will send you an answer as soon as possible. 

Are you working at one of the many companies that are located in Maastricht? Are you in charge of organizing business travel for your event? maybe rent a vip coach Maastricht can offer you the solution. In the Netherlands we are the only rental company that can insure a fleet with possibilities that meet your wishes.

Rent a vip coach Maastricht, our fleet

  • Executive cars
    • BMW, Audi, Merceds, Tesla
  • VIP buses
    • 8 persons
    • 16 persons
  • The Reference VIP Lounge
    • 50 persons VIP coach
  • The Experience VIP Lounge
    • 35 persons VIP coach
  • The Executive Mobile Conference Room
    • NEW arrival end of 2019
  • and many more

A selection of the various vehicles which we can arrange. Rent a vip coach Maastricht is collaberating with several companies to offer you this selection. These partners are tested on exclusivity, quality and service level. They can offer more than the standard rental companies. They excel on certain features. Rent a vip coach Maastricht has features that matches the wishes of the customer.

Rent a vip coach Maastricht, the characteristics

A selection of features that meet the demands of our target group. It is important that we stay ahead of the competition, that's why we are optimalizing the features of the bus. Everything is there for a personalized trip. The company on wheels to transfer your staff or clients.

Do you want to receive more information about our vehicles or services. On this page you will find a requiry form where you can fill in your details. We can make a tailor-made price based on the completed quotation form. You will receive an answer from our customer service within a few days.

Are you organising a business trip for your company? Do you have clients or employees coming over from a foreign land and you are looking for transportation? Stop looking, vip coach rental Maastricht has the solution for your logistic problem. Throughout the years we developed new ways to travel. We aim for the business sector with a range of VIP coaches.

Vip coach Rental Maastricht, the fleet:

Just a few of the possibilties that vip coach Rental Maastricht offers. Especially when the Eurovision Songfestival 2020 is coming to Maastricht. This unique and exclusive event is perfect as a company trip. There is more to offer than a company trip. The different buses are special in its own way. Below you will find a summary of the features:

VIP coach rental Maastricht, the features:

  • Wireless Internet Access Point
  • Wireless microphones
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Digital climat control
  • Multifunctional multimedia device
  • Leather seats
  • Total round seating
  • Catering facilities
  • Representative driver
  • Branding possibilities
  • and many more

The different characteris are consistent with the demands of our target group. We have chosen for this features, because of the demands. It is important that everything is present. For the branding and catering vip coach rental Maastricht is working together with partners that are specialised in this branch. We strive for the best qualitiy with the best products.

Is your company interested and want to receive more information? In just five minutes you complete the requiry form. Based on the given data our staff can calculate the best price of one of our vehicles that fits your requiry.

Organising a company trip to the MECC Maastricht or looking for a way to travel? Rent a vipbus Maastricht is specialised in trips for the bussiness sector. We perform the different trips with executive vipbusses that are featured with different characteristics.

Rent a vipbus Maastricht, the features:

  • Wifi on board
  • Multifunctional Multimedia computer
  • Total round seating
  • Adjustable LED lighting
  • LCD Video screens
  • Catering facilities
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Digital climat control
  • Presentation facilities
  • Branding inside and outside

As you can see, rent a vipbus Maastricht is the total package. Everything is present to make your event a succes. And the best thing is, you don't have to do mot so much. Our bus drivers are specially trained to drive these busses. The first impression has to be right and we can insure you that this is the way to transfer during your event.

Maybe you are interested in the different events that rent a vipbus Maastricht have raelised. In the summary below you will find some examples.

Rent a vipbus Maastricht, the events:

Everything is possible. Last year the vipcoach was deployed for the championship of the local football taam. As you can see the vip bus can be used for the 25th of 50th anniversaire that an employee is employed. Just one of the many events where the bus is an important part of. We can insure you that you made the right decission when hiring a vipbus.

Do you want to receive more information about the vehicles or prices? Just go to our requiry form and let your details behind. Our customer service will answer your form as soon as possible. Rent a vipbus Maastricht is the best way to travel. Just look at the website and be persuased.

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