Are you working at one of the many companies that are located in Maastricht? Are you in charge of organizing business travel for your event? maybe rent a vip coach Maastricht can offer you the solution. In the Netherlands we are the only rental company that can insure a fleet with possibilities that meet your wishes.

Rent a vip coach Maastricht, our fleet

  • Executive cars
    • BMW, Audi, Merceds, Tesla
  • VIP buses
    • 8 persons
    • 16 persons
  • The Reference VIP Lounge
    • 50 persons VIP coach
  • The Experience VIP Lounge
    • 35 persons VIP coach
  • The Executive Mobile Conference Room
    • NEW arrival end of 2019
  • and many more

A selection of the various vehicles which we can arrange. Rent a vip coach Maastricht is collaberating with several companies to offer you this selection. These partners are tested on exclusivity, quality and service level. They can offer more than the standard rental companies. They excel on certain features. Rent a vip coach Maastricht has features that matches the wishes of the customer.

Rent a vip coach Maastricht, the characteristics

A selection of features that meet the demands of our target group. It is important that we stay ahead of the competition, that's why we are optimalizing the features of the bus. Everything is there for a personalized trip. The company on wheels to transfer your staff or clients.

Do you want to receive more information about our vehicles or services. On this page you will find a requiry form where you can fill in your details. We can make a tailor-made price based on the completed quotation form. You will receive an answer from our customer service within a few days.

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