Vip bus Rental The Hague Airport

Are your organising a business trip for the board of directors of for foreign customers which are visiting your company? Or do you need a transfer from the airport to the hotel or vice versa. Stop looking! Vip bus rental The Hague Airport can realize trip with a fleet of several vehicles with features to meet your demands.

Vip bus Rental The Hague Airport, the fleet

  • Executive cars
    • BMW - Tesla - Audi - Mercedes
  • Small vipbus up to 8 persons
  • Medium vipbus up to 16 persons
  • The Reference VIP Lounge
    • Vipbus up to 50 persons
  • The Experience VIP Lounge
    • Vipbus up to 35 persons
  • The Executive Mobile Conference Room
    • NEW ARRIVAL end of 2019
  • and many more

This fleet as been established throughout a collaboration with several companies. These companies are specialised in renting executive vehicles for the business sector. With this coorporation we can guarantee you a national coverage for the best possible price. In the Netherlands you won't find a simular companie as vip bus rental The Hague Airport.             

The different vehicles are provides with a lot of different features that meet the wishes of the difference companies. By conducting market research we have come to the following characteristics. Continuously we are upgrading the features, so we can destinquish ourselves from the competition. It is important that we stay ahead of other companies.     

Vip bus Rental The Hague Airport, the features

  • Several LCD video screens
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Digital Climat Control
  • Wifi on Board
  • Leather seats
  • Multifunctional Media device
  • Representative Driver
  • Branding in & outside (on request)
  • Catering facilities (on request)
  • and many more

Everything is available for handmade business travel. Do you want to receive more information and prices form vip bus rental The Hague Airport the only thing you have to do is fill in the requiry form. After we receive your details, we can make a quotation specially for you.

Are you in charge of organizing the business trips in your company? Or looking for the best way to travel between different of destinations? Stop looking, rent a vipbus Rotterdam Airport is your partner for customised business travel. We have a fleet with a diversity of vehicles with the perfect features on board.

Rent a vipbus Rotterdam Airport, our fleet

  • The Reference VIP Lounge (up to 50 persons)
  • The Experience VIP Lounge (up to 35 persons)
  • The Executive  (NEW Arrival end of 2019)
  • Multiple VIP coaches (up to 16 persons)
  • Multiple VIP coaches (up to 8 persons)
  • Executive cars (BMW - Mercedes - Tesla)
  • and many more

A fleet with a lot of possibilties. Ultimately we strive for a range of vehicles of the highest quality with the corresponding service level. The different features deliver the quality you deserve and strive for Rent a vipbus Rotterdam Airport doesn't shy away from a challenge. What is possible?

Events of rent a vipbus Rotterdam Airport.

Everything is possible with our fleet. To realize the different events we work together with multiple companies that rent executive vehicles with different features on board to realize your event.

The different features are chosen through a market research among the business sector. A complete vip coach with a range of possibilities to meet the demands of our customers. We want to be the best rental company for different branches of the company sector.

Would you like to receive information and prices from rent a vipbus Rotterdam Airport. Just fill in the requiry form on our website. It is important to fill it in as far as you can, so our customer service can calculate the best price for your event.

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