Business travel, make your trip efficiently.

Organising a business trip for your company? Rent a vipbus at We can offer you a new way to travel. We can offer you several solutions for your business travel. Below you will find our fleet.

Rent a vipbus:

When you rent vipbus there is a lot to choose from. We can provide these collection, because we work together with several companies that share the same vision as The best price, national coverage and vehicles with a high standard. This combination is perfect to assist you during the company event.

Rent a vipbus, especially for:

  • Meeting en route
  • Video conference call
  • Business Trips
  • Brand awareness
  • Product & Company presentation
  • Promotional activities
  • Exhibition stands
  • and many more

These are just a few examples for rent a vipbus in your region. Previously we talked about we are working together with other firms. It happens that there is no availability for a certain vehicle. We try to meet up to the demands of our customer, so we are looking for simular alternative. And with the collaboration we can insure this.

Because of the national coverage we have different locations where our vip busses are parked. So when you want to rent a vipbus in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague? There is always a vipbus available. We do our best to find the best way to travel for your company or event.

Are you interested tot know more about "rent a vipbus?" Go to the offer form and leave your details behind. One of our colleagues will responsive to your question within a few days. If you don't receive an answer in 2 days just give us a call.

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