Do you want to hire a vip coach to organize your business trip. The most executive fleet that there is to find in the Netherlands you will find here. The different options you will find in our fleet are hand picked. If a company hire a vip coach it is important there is wide range of options possible.

Hire a vip coach, but what??

Business trips in one of the many cars is travelling of the highest segment. We can insure you that when you hire a vip coach, you will brought in style to your destination. We will take care of your trip in the best possible way. Because or buses are provided with a wide range of features that can contribute to a profitable journey.

Hire a vip coach with opportunities.

  • Wireless Internet Access Point
  • Wireless microphones on board
  • Leather seats
  • Round seating
  • Catering facilities
  • Adjustable Lighting
  • Digital climat control
  • Representative driver
  • Night blue color setting
  • and many more

The different features are a result of market research among the target group. We focus us on the business sector with our fleet. When the hire a vip coach is important that we meet the demand. In the Netherlands you won't find a company with simular vehicles.

Are you interested to hire a vip coach? Just fill in the requiry form to receive more information about the prices and possibilities. One of our staff members will calculate the price or answer your questions. We can insure the best way to travel with our business vehicles.

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