Vip bus rental Schiphol

Are you looking for luxury business transport to pick up important international customers, colleagues or business relations in style from Schiphol Airport? VIP bus rental Schiphol offers various options in the field of VIP transport. At you will find business transport of the highest level. Our vehicles have various special features, so that you, your customers, colleagues or business relations will not be short of anything during the trip.

VIP bus rental Schiphol, the possibilities

You can rent luxury buses and vans in various shapes and sizes at Vipbus rental Schiphol. This means there is always a vehicle available that meets your requirements. All VIP buses of Vipbus rental Schiphol have a luxurious and professional look and several unique features to make your trip complete. You can choose from the following vehicles, among others;

VIP bus rental Schiphol Airport, suitable for various occasions

Over the years, VIP bus rental Schiphol has transported various groups to and from Schiphol airport, including many business people. As a result, we know exactly what the wishes and needs of our business customers are. The vehicles of Vipbus rental Schiphol are fully adapted to these wishes and needs, making the buses ideal for the following purposes:

vip bus rental schipholvip bus rental schiphol

VIP bus rental Schiphol Airport, the unique features

To make your journey with VIP bus rental Schiphol as comfortable as possible, we have equipped our buses with various special features. This means you are fully equipped during the ride. You can think of the following features, among others;

  • Luxury leather feateuils
  • Total round seat (ideal for meetings on the road)
  • Multiple tables
  • Fully adjustable LED lighting
  • Digital Climat Control
  • Multimedia computer
  • Several LCD screens
  • Wireless speech system
  • Wireless Internet Access Point
  • And much more...

The catering possibilities of VIP bus rental Schiphol

To ensure that you feel like a real VIP during the ride, we do not only provide transportation to your destination. We provide a complete experience. For this reason, for example, it is possible to enjoy a snack and a drink along the way, and we also provide complete meals. Because we strive for a certain quality, our catering is of the highest level. Take a look at our catering list for the various options.

More information about VIP bus rental Schiphol?

Are you convinced and would you like to use the service of VIP bus rental Schiphol airport? To find out more about the rates and availability, we recommend that you complete the online quote form. Do you want more information about the options? Then of course you can always contact us.


VIP bus rental Schiphol and more...

Of course it is also possible to rent one of our vehicles if you do not want to be picked up from or brought to Schiphol Airport. We provide VIP transport throughout the Netherlands and Belgium! So, for example, do you want to be picked up from Eindhoven Airport or Rotterdam The Hague Airport? Even then we are ready for you! And not just for airport transfers we are at your service, we are also happy to pick up in, for example Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht or Rotterdam! Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your ride with VIP bus rental Schiphol Airport.

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