Are you looking for an executive vehicle for a small of larger group? We offer you vip coach hire from the highest level. A special way to travel with possibilities on board to ease your trip. Vip coach hire is offering you the total package. A fleet of special ways to organise a business travel.

Vip coach hire, what's possible:

As you can see. We provide vip coach hire in different ways. It is important that we can accommodate to the wishes of our customers. Mainly, because we focus on the business sector. A diversity of travel for the different companies. To meet the demands it is important that the vip coaches are equipped with a large choice of features.

The characteristics came about through market research among the target group. There was a variety of features that our target group wanted. Some were very specific and others were generally corresponded. We made a selection of the features which occure the most.

Vip coach hire, the features

  • Digital climat control
  • Wireless Internet Access Point
  • Multiple video screens
  • Catering facilities
  • Multifunctional media device
  • Wireless microphones
  • Total round seating (leather seats)
  • Representative driver
  • Branding possibilities

Different services are with extra costs. Vip coach hire works together with a caterer which specialise in dishes especially for our vehicles. Besides a fleet of high quality, we want to insure of the finest food and drinks.

Interested in one of our services? Please fill in the requiry form with the details of the trip. After receiving your form, our staff will send you an answer with the best possible price. We insure you that vip coach hire can guarantee the best business trip for your event.

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